Nr 34 - November 2010

A look back at the week spent in the Swiss National Park in October 2010, where many administrators of Alpine protected areas gathered together around the ALPARC General Assembly, a workshop on mountain environmental education and the thematic conference “Wilderness and Biodiversity”.

The General Assembly was notably the opportunity to vote on the new working programme for 2011/12 as well as to elect the new ALPARC International Steering Committee, both of which are presented to you below.

SPECIAL EDITION – General Assembly 2010


Meeting of the Alpine Protected Areas in Zernez


Representatives of the Alpine protected areas of 8 countries gathered together at the end of October for the General Assembly of the Alpine Network of Protected Areas (ALPARC). The thematic conference had as its title “Wilderness and biodiversity: can we leave the natural world to its own devices?” For the first time this event was hosted by the Swiss National Park. (...)


New ALPARC International Steering Committee elected


The new International Steering Committee (ISC) was elected at the occasion of the ALPARC General Assembly held on October the 21st in Zernez in the Swiss National Park. Michael Vogel, director of Berchtesgaden National Park/D was re-elected at the ISC presidency for 2 more years. Vice-presidents are Philippe Traub and Bruno Stephan Walder. (...)


A New Rich and Diversified Working Programme for ALPARC

Thursday 21 October was an intense day for the ALPARC network General Assembly! Significantly it had gathered managers of the Alpine protected areas of all alpine countries (...)



Some Souvenir Photos … of the last ALPARC General Assembly

Here are some souvenirs of this fine meeting, in pictures!




“Management or Wilderness?” Here is ALPARC’s brand new publication!

In relation to the theme of the international conference «Wilderness and biodiversity: can we leave the natural world to its own devices?» (Zernez, 22/10/2010), Alparc’s latest publication is a collection of some of the talks given at the conference as well as scientific articles and conversations with managers of Alpine protected areas. (...)



Those Responsible for Education about the Environment Motivated for Transalpine Cooperation


“The first time I took part in exchanges with the REEMA was at the workshop organised in Zernez during the Alparc meeting. I saw men and women responsible for education on the environment in the protected areas of the Alpine massif. They were gathered around a table and on that table, in pride of place, was an egg..." (...)



  SPECIAL EDITION – General Assembly 2010


  20/01/2011 to 23/01/2011  Bled
    16th Danilo Re Memorial

focus on...


The 16th edition of the Danilo Re Memorial will take place from 20 to 23 January 2011 in Bled (Slovenia). Register from 1st to 20th december!

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