Park ranger passed away in the Vanoise National Park, France

0, 26.08.2014


Roselyne Anselmet died Saturday 23th of August falling from a rock during her work on the fauna census. 
Since 1982, Roselyne  was a ranger of the Vanoise National Park (France) and she used  to work in the village of Bonneval-sur-Arc. Roselyne has been one of the first women taking part in the park ranger team.
It is the fourth death for work of a park ranger in the Vanoise in fifty years.
The protected area community, ALPARC’s  team  and members and all the alpine rangers  are deeply touch by the tragic death of Roselyne Anselmet.

During the 2015 edition of the “Danilo Re Memorial”,  Roselyne  Anselmet  will be honored  with a special celebration.


Source : read the article and the Vanoise National Park press release, in French

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