The Alpine School provided with New Powerful Tools: The Alpine School Video and the New Website

Saturday, 30 November 2019

What’s the Alpine School?

The Alpine school is a label that schools interested in an innovative educational approach can adopt after fulfilling certain criteria. These criteria are strongly linked to the approach of education for sustainable development, adapted to mountain specificities. In order to explain the Alpine School and its theoretical background, ALPARC elaborated a promotional video available in 5 languages. 

The choice of the doodling style allowed for flexibility and schematisation that grasped the very nature of the approach of the Alpine School. A lot of attention was paid to details, and inspiration was taken directly from the activities carried out in the Pilot schools and the protected areas working with them. The result is a 2-minute representation of the Alpine School, its main characteristics and objectives. In English and the four Alpine languages, the video is the perfect way to get a first general overview of the Alpine School. The ‘premiere’ of the video took place in the cinema Pathé Chambery (FR) during the project’s final conference in October 2019. The video is available here: What’s the Alpine School?

A Brand-new Website Dedicated to the Alpine School

Even though the YOUrALPS project, which provided the framework for the Alpine School, ended in October, some motivated partners decided to put one last effort into the Alpine School, creating a mini website for it; one of the main outputs of the project. 

Here you can see the result. A simple, intuitive and captivating website presenting the Alpine School, its theoretical basis, its characteristics and all the materials that have been developed around it. The website contains a lot of freely accessible guides to implement outdoor activities within the model of Mountain-oriented Education. The Alpine App and the Alpine Toolkit for outdoor lessons are also available for download and constitute the perfect complement to in-class lessons. 


ALPARC - The Alpine Network of Protected Areas

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