Excursion Vorarlberg 2011

Wednesday, 07 December 2011
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Local anchoring of actions

The triple crisis - ecologically, economically and socially - running through our society, causes concrete utopias, which overtake dreams and speeches to anchor in the action. The field trip «eco-responsible constructions» organised by Alparc and CIPRA from 2 to 4 November to the alpine region on the shore of the Bodensee, has majestically pointed out the way to go.

The priority of the visited projects was to recover the way of “territorial cohesion” between human being and its environment – natural, social and cultural.

The learned lesson is motivating: To initiate the citizen to become (again) local players in their milieu, to concentrate on local projects with the aim to upgrade local resources and know-how, to combine sobriety and effectiveness for a growing autonomy in the field of renewable energies, water, waste, but also agriculture and nutrition.

   Visits, meetings and exchange have allowed us to feel, with our fingertips, the key to an eco-responsible future in the field of building and construction industry, which uses the major part of our resources.

To generalise a holistic approach throughout the creation of interdisciplinary connections between architecture and spatial planning.

To activate all local players for participating in projects; those who place the orders (representative, official and private contractors), those who design (architects, urban planners, landscape planners, employees in planning offices, consulting engineers) and those who realise (companies, craftsmen). 

To benefit from the collective intelligence: to mix the consciousness of the local experts’ know-how with the consciousness of experts and researchers, to connect knowledge and competence, to share experiences (positive and negative ones) and to impart them for advancing together in a creative empathy.

To listen to a project description in two voices, one of an architect from Vorarlberg and the other from his building owner, about their commun realisation, shows that it is possible to combine mutual ambition and individual modesty. 

  The way to a desirable future demands redefining the society’s values, detecting a new sense and to produce new relationships.
The new technologies require to become known and to be dominated, but the future goes on by the human beings, and not by the technics!

dominique gauzin-müller 

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