Alpine Ecological Connectivity: a common issue for the Alpine Convention and EUSALP

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Since 2007 ALPARC has contributed to coordinating the Ecological Network Platform of the Alpine Convention together with the respective presidencies of Germany and France. The activities of this working group are crucial for the preservation of Alpine biodiversity, mainly in designing and promoting measures ensuring the connectivity between natural habitats. 

 Some years ago, the EUSALP strategy established an action group (Action Group 7) on ecological connectivity as well as green infrastructure, comprising a large area around the Alpine Arc. ALPARC is an official member of this action group and actively contributes with the results of the EU Interreg ALPBIONET2030 project.  The project deals especially with the transition area between the Alps and its periphery. This is particularly important as the highest fragmentation of landscapes and habitats have been observed in a perimeter around the Alps, thus in this transition area between the Alpine Convention territory and the EUSALP area. 

Identifying the importance of this transition area is one of the most central results of recent research   and projects which have been carried out by ALPARC and its international partners during the last years. ALPARC is for this reason calling for closer and stronger cooperation between EUSALP and the Alpine Convention to promote ecological connectivity in and around the Alps aiming at preserving   Alpine biodiversity for the generations to come. 

ALPARC - The Alpine Network of Protected Areas

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