A new publication on the history of the Swiss National Park

Tuesday, 06 February 2018

The book “Erinnerungen an Pioniere des Schweizerischen Nationalparks - Memories of Pioneers of the Swiss National Park" is a contribution to the history of the Swiss National Park, in particular the research sector.

Published in autumn 2017, it presents a collection of memories of the first researchers of the Park. These people, considered as pioneers, shaped the research of the National Park; their research still constitutes the basis for further research and project development.

The book has been developed with an oral history approach. It describes the basic living conditions of the researcher throughout the years of the 20th century; it gives insights into the motivation behind the intensive study of nature, and above all shows that behind the research results there are always humans, with their particular personalities, their likes and dislikes.

The book has been published in German only.

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Authors: Prof. Dr. Bruno Baur, Dr. Jürg Rohner, Dr. Thomas Scheurer
Publisher: Buchhandlung und Haupt Verlag AG
Edition / Volume: 107
Pages: 163
Language: German

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