“Sensible”: A New Documentary Film on Alpine Fauna

0, 20.12.2017

On Wednesday 9th December “Sensible”, the new documentary on Alpine fauna, was broadcast on French TV.

We are immediately transported into the reality of Alpine protected areas with the interview of the co-filmmaker, Geoffrey Garcel, Ranger in a natural reserve in Haute-Savoie (ASTERS, FR), followed by other mountain actors.
The film shows the beauty and richness of Alpine fauna while raising awareness about the pressure it is facing. Indeed, this heritage is fragile and we (human beings) can be a source of disturbance. The modification of our natural environment impacts species qualified as “sensible”/sensitive such as ptarmigan and black grouse and can also lead to extinction in the Alps, as in the case of the capercaillie.

So what can we do? A lot of mountain actors are now taking these thematics into account in their daily work, protecting the most exposed areas, particularly in winter. They are also joined by professional athletes such as Sébastien Chagneau, an Ultra-trailer who has made it a priority to respect the wilderness while training and to stick to the hiking tracks.

We all have to remember that Nature is about living together, sharing the environment. We don’t own the mountains; we have the privilege of being guests in Nature’s wilderness and this can come to an end if we are not aware of the issues. So, let’s stop and observe the beauty around us in mutual respect.

Film trailer here

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