Nr 42 - March 2012

A sunray, a few buds, that's it, the spring gave its first signals. The nature takes colors once again and the Network ALPARC is preparing for another season: The Multivision-show of the protected areas to discover and rediscover the beauty of our Alps, the new map that reflects the changing geography of the Alpine protected areas and, finally, the programming of the General Assembly of the network that will give rise to the association ALPARC. Enjoy this colorful spring in the Network!

News from the network ALPARC


The 7th of September 2012: the new date for the General Assembly of ALPARC

The next General Assembly of the network ALPARC will take place on September, 7th 2012 in Valposchiavo (CH). This day will be a very special one for the network, because on this occasion, the ALPARC Association will be created. (...)


The multivison show of the Alpine protected areas: First screening on the 24th of May!

20 partners, representing about 60 protected areas from 6 Alpine States, will present together on the European Day of Parks, the 24th of May 2012, the multivision show of the Alpine Protected Areas of the network ALPARC. (...)


The new map 2012 of the Alpine protected areas is now available!

The new map of the Alpine protected areas is now, after a couple of months of work including corrections, reviewing and completing, online available! (...)


Call for testimonials!

A guest book on Alparc’s website gathers the first testimonials. We appeal to you: tell us of your experience with Alparc (...)

News from the protected areas


Swiss-Italian cooperation in favor of ecological connectivity

The ecoregion Alpe Veglia ed Alpe Devero (Italy), has now been enlarged on both sides of the boarder in the area of the mythic Simplon. (...)


Migration of a male Lynx in the Kalkalpen

Juro, a male lynx captured in Switzerland was released the 13th of December 2011 in the Austrian National Park Kalkalpen. (...)


New directors for 3 Alpine National Parks

Following the retirement of Philippe Traub (National Park Vanoise/F), the function change of Michel Sommier (National Park Ecrins/F), who obtained the direction of the Federation of the French National Parks and the departure of Werner Franek (National Park Gesäuse/A), we would like to welcome their successors ! (...)


Swiss nature parks: 1 won, 2 lost

Democratic “out” for the park projects Thunersee-Hohgant and Val d’Hérens in Switzerland! (...)


Report on the accessibility of French national parks

A video report, 10 minutes long, shows different implementation measures and facilities in French national parks. (...)

A protected area in the spotlight


The nature park Weißbach

The nature park Weißbach is situated between Loferer, Leoganger and Reiter Steinbergen in the region of Salzburg (A) and is bounded to the nature reserve “Northern Kalkhochalpen” on the Salzburg side and to Bavaria by the national park and, respectively, by the biosphere reserve Berchtesgaden. (...)

News from the Alps


Departure of Marie-Joëlle Couturier

In March 2012, Marie-Joëlle Couturier, former French focal point for the Alpine Convention, will leave us for a new function (...)



  News from the network ALPARC
  News from the protected areas
  A protected area in the spotlight
  News from the Alps


  06/09/2012 to 07/09/2012  Val Poschiavo
    8th General Assembly of the Alpine Network of Protected Areas (ALPARC)
  17/10/2012 to 19/10/2012  BIOS-center, Mallnitz
    2nd International Workshop "Mountain Environmental Education in Alpine Protected Areas"
  29/03/2012 to 30/03/2012  BIOS Nationalparkzentrum | 9822 Mallnitz
    Zukunftsaspekte der Berglandwirtschaft – Der Landwirt der Zukunft

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Dossier « Large Carnivore Conservation »
The new ALPARC dossier « Large Carnivore Conservation », treating the conservation in the Alps and in the Carpathians, is now published. You can consult it at this link .

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