A cross-border road gives way to nature

Friday, 15 July 2011

 The decision was taken by the region of Geneva and the local Swiss and French municipalities: from April 2011, the road between Mategnin (Meyrin / GE, Switzerland) and France will be removed through populations of amphibians!

The Nature reserves "Les marais des Crêts " and "Les marais des Fontaines", where you can find many species pertaining to this class, of which 70% are on the IUCN Red List of threatened species , in an area of 15 hectares, will again reconnected for the development of flora and fauna. The permanent dismantling of a road happens for the first time in Switzerland. It allows the creation of a large nature reserve, which contributes to the reconstruction of an ecological network.

More information on: http://www.espacemategnin.ch/ and http://www.pronatura.ch

ALPARC - The Alpine Network of Protected Areas

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